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SECSRT 120 We All Are A Little Creepy When It Comes To Football

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This week the Roundtable is back from its summer hiatus just in time to talk a little SEC Media Days. Things start off just like Hoover with a look at Mike Slives comments and what do they really mean?  Shane Bailey looks at his comments and can’t understand how he adds up possibly 13 bowl games for the SEC.  Next they look at the Head Ball Coach and what fireworks he brings to the meetings.  Britton Burton talks about Derek Mason’s comments about winning the SEC as well as talk about Will Muschamp’s honesty.  All this and much more on this episode of SECSRT.

SECSRT 119 He Doesn't Play Football

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This week the Roundtable turns a short discussion about basketball into a conversation. Join Shane Bailey, Nick Thomas, Blair Smyly and Britton Burton as they take a look at Pearl's impact, UK's Depth, and A&M's new Asst. Coach. For Football the Roundtable looks at some Spring performances, Alabama's Quarterback and the NFL Draft.  The show can't end during baseball season without Blair's help in bringing everyone up to speed on things.  All this and more on this week's SECSRT.

SECSRT 118 Pros Throwing To College Kids Video

SECSRT 118 Pros Throwing To College Kids

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As the Roundtable takes a look at the NCAA Tounrament action, they wonder if they had been wrong about how bad the SEC was this year.  Nick Jones and Shane Bailey discuss the effect of early season losses and what Bruce Pearl brings to Auburn.  They talk about the marketing of a college QB with Manziel's Pro Day and discuss the NLRB's decision in favor of the NorthWestern players.  All this and more on this week's SECSRT.

Is The SEC Better Than We Thought?

4178864096 78f0209a2d mAll the talk this year has been about how bad the play is in the SEC. I will admit that I have fallen into this discussion and more than once have I said that the level of play in the SEC is bad. I want to say that we all may be wrong. Ken Pomeroy at Deadspin did had an article where he talks about how small a sample of games a college team plays compared to the NBA does not give a good enough picture to see how good or bad a team may really be. He may be on to more than I thought. Let's look at the NCAA tourney and break some things down.

The BIG 12 had 7 teams; The PAC 12, BIG 10, A10 and ACC all had 6 teams; the AAC had 4; the SEC 3; and the Mountain West had 2 teams go to the tournament. Now let's look at what's left. The PAC 12, BIG 12, SEC,all have 3; the BIG 12 and AAC have 2 and the Mountain West, A 10 and ACC each have one. So why is it that the SEC has all three of their teams left. Because maybe the SEC is not as bad as we think. If you had the next three SEC teams that were left out Arkansas, Missouri and let's say Georgia. Would they be any worse off. I say no. In fact one of those teams could have just as easily snuck a win out in the first round.

So are all these top 25 teams that were put out in the first two rounds overrated. Maybe not. They are all probably pretty good teams. But to say that the SEC is such a weak conference after they are the only conference with a 100% of their teams in the sweet sixteen is little foolish. There will always be teams that are better than the rest, but in the SEC it is just as easy for the number one loose to the sixteen on their court. The SEC is difficult place to play on the road, just ask Arkansas. Let's face it. The is more parity in basketball than maybe any order time in the history of the tourney. A team like Kentucky that is loaded with Freshman, many destined to leave early for the NBA still has it's challenges. And a team like Florida, who has held a nucleus of upperclassman have experience and growth on their side. This makes it easier to have a mid major like San Diego St. in the Sweet Sixteen. It also shows that a team does not have to recruit a starting 5 of Freshman on a short ride to the NBA to be successful.

What really at play here is a shift. The football conferences will continue to create a larger rift between the top tier schools and those that are not. But basketball is a great equalizer. A team just needs a player or two each year and over the course of 4 years have a 6-8 man rotation that can compete with anyone. So maybe the SEC isn't as bad as I thought. What do you think, let me know.

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